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Isaac Batman February 15 1 min read

Isaac Batman: Why I Chose HubSearch

Isaac Batman is joining us this spring from Brigham Young University-Idaho as a Client Acquisition Intern and we couldn't be more excited!
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Margaux Munick January 18 2 min read

Margaux Munick: Why I Chose HubSearch

Our newest Business Operations Intern, Margaux Munick from the University of New Hampshire, describes why she chose to join the HubSearch team!
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Brenna Turpin January 18 3 min read

Brenna Turpin: Why I Chose HubSearch

Our newest Digital Marketing Intern, Brenna Turpin from Clemson University, describes why she made the decision to join the HubSearch team!
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Jason Azocar January 05 2 min read

HubSearchers Have GRIT: Here's Why Your Team Should Too

Guts. Resilience. Initiative. Tenacity. These are all qualities of the HubSearch team. GRIT is important for all teams to help build trust in your company.
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Bridget Azocar December 27 3 min read

Are You Looking for a Fresh Start in 2021?

Do you find yourself reflecting on the past year at your job and are feeling like it might be time for a change? Let us help you get a fresh start in 2021.
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Alix Thornton November 09 3 min read

Alix Thornton: Why I Chose HubSearch

Welcome to our new senior recruiter, Alix Thornton! Read all about why she decided to join the HubSearch team.
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Bridget Azocar September 28 2 min read

Why You Shouldn't Ghost Your Recruiter

If you're in the market for a new job or happy where you’re at, and a recruiter reaches out to you, it sparks curiosity. Here's why you shouldn't ghost ...
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Hannah Mullee September 14 1 min read

Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Resume

Top five tips to help your resume stand out to an employer and go the extra mile to secure your dream job.
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Bridget Azocar August 31 3 min read

Tips for Job Candidates: Interview Prep

Finding your dream job can be challenging, and part of that challenge is nailing your interview. Read these tips for having a great first interview!
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Paul Ramsey July 01 2 min read

Paul Ramsey: Why I Chose HubSearch

As a rising senior studying economics at Harvard I was looking for an internship where I could learn about how to effectively grow and maintain a business.
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Hannah Donahue June 29 2 min read

Hannah Donahue: Why I Chose HubSearch

Like many other college students, I struggled with landing the perfect summer internship due to COVID-19. That was until I learned about HubSearch.
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