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Jason AzocarJan 05, 20212 min read

HubSearchers Have GRIT: Here's Why Your Team Should Too

One of our goals in 2021 here at HubSearch and for many other companies is to revamp our culture code, and for us it starts with GRIT. What is GRIT, you ask? GRIT stands for guts, resilience, initiative, and tenacity. These traits are all things that we find incredibly important in a team, and here’s what they mean to us and why your team should have GRIT, too.


Our team focuses at all times on having the guts to be our fully authentic and genuine selves in everything we do. We strive to take challenges head on to ensure that we are making the lives of our clients and candidates easier, as well as prepare ourselves for any challenges that may pop up in the future. Allowing yourself and your team to be authentic and genuine means that you are opening a door to a more meaningful and personal connection with your team and with your clients. Opportunities are endless when you have the guts to go out and seek them.


HubSearch opened its doors about halfway through 2019, so our first full year of business was in 2020, a year that brought us the COVID-19 pandemic and one of the worst economies in decades. Through that year, we stayed strong and positive and refused to fail. This resilience is important in all aspects of companies, regardless of industry, especially as we head into 2021 still shaken by what the previous year brought us. While some situations may be unavoidable, staying true to your company values and mission can often be all the resilience that you need.


HubSearchers take the initiative to seek out opportunities to learn and grow not only as a company, but as individuals, too. We don’t wait for an invitation. This initiative often takes guts, which shows the many overlaps that exist in having GRIT. Chasing opportunities will help your business more than it will hurt it, so if it’s a risk worth taking that will pay off, weigh your options and take the initiative that the opportunity calls for.


Tenacity goes hand in hand with every aspect of GRIT. For us, good is never good enough. We strive for excellence in everything we do, because we want our clients and candidates to know that we are dedicated to their success. The more you show your dedication to your clients, the more trust you can build with them. Business is all about trust, and showing your clients that you refuse to settle for anything less than excellence when it comes to your own business can help build the trust that you will do the same for them.

GRIT is just one of the aspects of HubSearch’s soon-to-be-announced Culture Code, and we firmly believe that having GRIT is extremely significant to a business. Having GRIT means that you believe in the guts, resilience, initiative and tenacity of yourself and your team members.