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Brenna TurpinJan 18, 20213 min read

Brenna Turpin: Why I Chose HubSearch

A vortex of opportunities, swirling around the interwebs, each vying for my attention. Which company was the best option for my professional development? How could I serve such a company? I wanted a place that would nurture my role as a marketer, but that could expose me to the other facets of the business industry. Once I found HubSearch, more or less, once HubSearch found me, I knew I was headed toward the calm of the storm. 

Originally, I had applied for a position at HubSpot, but when my application was rejected, I almost immediately received an email from Megan at HubSearch. Megan had seen my application and offered me the chance to interview for a Content Developer internship position.

With no prior knowledge of HubSearch, I immediately began researching the history of the company and their mission. I had never considered working for a talent acquisition company, but I quickly changed my mind when I realized how much HubSearch relied on marketing. What I found was beyond impressive because of the momentum HubSearch had sustained in such a short period of time. With a little over a year since the birth of the company, HubSearch has provided several of HubSpot partners and customers with valuable team members through their integrative and thorough recruiting process. With an amazing team who moves swiftly and is highly specialized in their skills, HubSearch is a growing leader in the talent acquisition space. If you were to think of a tree, with HubSpot as the trunk, HubSearch would represent the branches that reach all the customers and partners of HubSpot. Making connections with companies and filling needed positions is just the overview of the capabilities of HubSearch, as they have much more to showcase in their inbound marketing strategy repertoire. 

Taking a look back at my interview at Megan, one of my first impressions of her and the mission of HubSearch was that of a genuine ambition to serve their target audience, but also me as an intern. It was apparent that a considerable amount of thought and effort was put forth into creating a role that I could grow as a marketer. I was intrigued by HubSearch’s achievements and how I could learn about inbound marketing to sharpen my abilities and further contribute to the company. After Megan and Jason offered me the position, I then met the team and realized that every single person was sincerely passionate about their role in the company and that working together and getting to know each other was important to their success. It really was a relief to know that I would be appreciated and that I could feel comfortable within HubSearch’s work environment. 

HubSearch embodies much of what I admire in a company and is passionate about their goals and visions for growth, a nurturing spirit for their team members to learn the industry, hone the skills, and produce results. I have always been someone who enjoys focusing on the creative elements of any job and using that to further the marketing objectives of the company. At HubSearch, I can already see that they are holding space for me and giving me creative freedom because they recognized it as a passion of mine. That’s why HubSearch is incredibly admirable, because they pinpoint the talents of their team members so that they can give them a chance to shine in their role and use their techniques to better the business as a whole. I couldn’t be happier that HubSearch brought me into their circle, and I am looking forward to helping keep their momentum going while learning from the team!