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Bridget AzocarJul 01, 20212 min read

What is it Like to Work with HubSearch?

With a close rate of 100%, we are excellent matchmakers for our clients and candidates. This means every offer we gave, our candidate accepted. We are incredibly proud of these numbers; it means we're doing what we set out to achieve. It means we know how to find amazing candidates that are a good fit culturally, professionally, and personally for our clients. We know our success isn't only success for our clients, but also people landing their dream jobs. HubSearch's unique process is widely to thank for these feats.

Our personalized and transparent process

Why we built our process

We wanted to create efficiency when finding your next gig. We often hear from candidates that finding a job is too time-consuming. Our goal is to make it painless and efficient for all parties.

During the Interview Stages

Your recruiter will be your coach throughout the process; we want you to get the job! While we are your biggest cheerleader, we will be honest with you and coach you on points where you can improve. If you receive negative feedback, it’s okay! We will work with you and coach around it.

Your recruiter will communicate deadlines and when the next point of contact will be. Before each interview, you and your recruiter will do interview prep. Your recruiter will also be transparent with you; they will always be honest about the company, culture, and salary. 

We ask you to invest your time, be coachable, and trust and believe in our process.

After you close, what is next? 

After you accept an offer, we are still here for you! Our CEO, Jason Azocar will call you and spend 30 minutes coaching you through resigning. You will discuss 2-week notices and resignation letters. We will also help you with unique situations such as resigning over zoom, or your manager being on vacation. 

The HubSearch Difference

The biggest thing that separates us from other recruiting firms is our personalized, transparent experience. Some recruiting firms just want to get you an offer. Meanwhile, we want to find the right person for the right seat and make sure we are doing what's best for both parties. When both you and our clients see success, we will too. To ensure this fit, we will be completely transparent about the company, salary, and culture. We've all had jobs that aren't an ideal fit, and we don't want to you go through it again. Conversely, other recruiting firms may lack this transparency which can lead to unhappy clients and candidates. At the end of the day, when there are no surprises, everyone will benefit.

Our dedication to getting your dream job is in the numbers!

Our 2021 Q2 close rate was 100% which we are incredibly proud of! Additionally, the Q1 close rate was 92%. This is above the industry average of 65.7%. We are dedicated to having a close rate of at least 90% going forward.

We would love for you to be a part of this!

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