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Isaac BatmanFeb 15, 20211 min read

Isaac Batman: Why I Chose HubSearch

The business management program at BYU-I requires two internships in order to graduate. I had none. For many college students the internship search can be a long, cumbersome process. The current state of the pandemic also adds another layer of difficulty in the quest for the right internship.

I am a Business Management Major with an emphasis in Marketing and Professional Sales. I had been connecting with various companies but with little results. Many companies are limiting their openings for internships and work experience due to the pandemic. A few of the companies I was in contact with had internships, but they did not coincide with the experience I was looking for.

I wanted to intern for a company with a great team-oriented culture that would provide the best sales and business development experience. I started to feel that I would maybe have to settle and do an internship that may not be the best experience for me. I had just about narrowed my list of companies that had offered to have me come on as an intern, when I received a LinkedIn message from Bridget Azocar of HubSearch.

Bridget wanted to know if I was interested in a full-time job with another company who was looking to hire someone with HubSpot experience. I had expressed that I was not interested in a full-time job, but rather searching for an internship for the spring and summer.

She invited me to book a meeting with HubSearch’s CEO Jason Azocar about a potential opening in their intern team. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I had decided to book a meeting and see what HubSearch was all about.

In my following meetings with Jason and the HubSearch team, I was blown away by the abundance of opportunities that HubSearch had to offer. I was impressed by what HubSearch had accomplished and their plans for the future. The opportunity to work with a tight knit team, acquire first hand experience of business development, and have the autonomy to engage in B2B sales were all pivotal factors. The decision was easy because HubSearch aligned perfectly with what I had hoped to learn and achieve.