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Margaux MunickJan 18, 20212 min read

Margaux Munick: Why I Chose HubSearch

As most of us know, 2020 has been a year of taking a step back and rolling with the punches - not exactly the start to the roaring 20s we wanted. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused layoffs, closures, and lost opportunities leaving individuals unsure of where to turn moving forward. 

As a senior communications major focusing on marketing and business, a requirement to graduate is an internship - piece of cake, right? COVID-19 had another idea and as I watched the internship I had worked so hard for slip away, I found myself in a panic to find a new and challenging internship amidst a rising pandemic. 

After an unsuccessful search on my own, I posted on LinkedIn reaching out to my connections with the hope this would help me locate an internship for my spring semester. Thankfully within a week of posting I was approached with an opportunity to interview for an internship with a company I didn’t have much knowledge of: HubSearch. As I dove into finding out more about this company and what they do I was drawn in. After talking with a friend who had previously interned and now worked for HubSearch, I was eager to start the interview process and advance to the next steps. HubSearch requires all of their employees to have at least one certification from HubSpot Academy, and this allows you to truly get a deeper understanding of what the software looks like, as well as how to better navigate what is expected of you. I quickly got the certification done with, wanting to prove to them by the first interview I was serious about doing whatever it took to be a part of the team in any way possible. 

My first step was setting up my first interview with Megan Prescott, and once that was in order, I began to get interview jitters but was excited to talk and present myself as the best candidate possible for the job. In COVID-19 fashion as the interview started, I was having technology issues and Megan was more than willing to work with me to get them sorted out. Interviewing with Megan, though we had never met, I felt very comfortable as if we were in the same room instead of thousands of miles apart connected by a screen. 

Following the interview, Megan emailed me that they had filled the original position I had interviewed for, but they felt I would be a great fit for their Operations Internship and put me in contact to interview with HubSearch’s CEO and Founder Jason Azocar. Interviewing with Jason was much like with Megan, one of his first questions he asked me how my weekend was, such a simple question made me feel much more comfortable while we continued the interview. I was able to learn more about HubSearch and what they do as a company, what they were looking for and what their current team was like.  

Having completed my first official week finished at HubSearch I can verify that I have joined an incredible team of innovative and dedicated individuals working for a groundbreaking company. I am beyond excited to advance my knowledge and work with everyone at HubSearch. I want to continue to spread awareness of the many great services Hubsearch and Hubspot have to offer within their ecosystem.