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Paul RamseyJul 01, 20202 min read

Paul Ramsey: Why I Chose HubSearch

As a rising senior studying economics at Harvard I was looking for an internship where I could learn more about how to effectively grow and maintain a business. I wanted to obtain a role where I knew that each day I would be making a meaningful impact on the business I worked for and the customers that my company was dedicated to help. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic progressed I became more concerned that I would not get any type of internship for the summer. Luckily for me, I eventually came across a posting on the Harvard Career Services website for an internship with HubSearch. The listing detailed a Business Development Internship, and while I was unfamiliar with the company, I was incredibly excited about the role. After reading through the HubSearch website to get a better sense of what exactly the HubSearch team did, I quickly applied for the position. 

One post on the website that particularly caught my attention was a blog titled “The top 5 most important interview questions to ask”. This post was written by our company’s founder, Jason Azocar. He wrote that the first question any interviewer should ask was “How are you? How was your weekend?”. This article got me excited for two main reasons. First, I knew that I was going to crush the first question of my HubSearch interview. Secondly, and more importantly, it highlighted the philosophy and culture of HubSearch. It demonstrated that the entire HubSearch team is dedicated to creating a workplace environment that is welcoming, and fostering a community that is tightly knit. They care about skills and qualifications, but they realize that the type of person with those skills is just as important to ensuring a good fit. 

After a couple interviews with HubSearch I got an even better sense of just how impressive the entire team was. I learned that this is a company that is changing the way that Hubspot agency partners and customers are able to hire employees. The HubSearch team is creating a platform that ensures companies can quickly hire highly skilled and professional talent, and that employees are obtaining jobs at firms that will care about them and truly value their contributions. HubSearch utilizes our fantastic culture in the recruitment process, to ensure that we have a knowledgeable and personal relationship with the talent we refer to companies. This allows us to make sure that the talent we recommend will have the right skills and personality to succeed in their new role.

My first few days working at HubSearch have confirmed my belief that I was joining an incredibly innovative and hard working company. I am beyond excited to continue to work with everyone at HubSearch to make sure that even more companies in the Hubspot ecosystem become aware of our services and use our team to hire the perfect employee for their company.