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A Clear Mind for a Productive Year: HubSearch's Organizational Hacks for 2024

Organization doesn’t come easy for everyone, but don’t worry, the HubSearch team is here to help. These are some of our favorite tips and tricks to organize your time and space to crush your 2024 goals!

Color Code Your Calendar

Yes, color coding your calendar is aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also a great visual to keep yourself organized and aware of how much time you’re spending on specific task types. If you notice you’re spending more time in one area than you should be, think about ways you can cut this down.

Time Blocking

The work day can get busy and it’s easy to jump around from one task to another. Instead, block time on your calendar for specific tasks (don’t forget to color code it!) and try to stick to that dedicated time to get it done. Setting up recurring time blocks is another great way to manage your time and get in a routine if it’s a task you know you need to complete daily, weekly, or monthly.

Plan ahead

Now that you’re color coding and blocking time on your calendar, plan ahead! Pick a day of the week that works best for you to look ahead at your calendar and start blocking that time for any tasks and projects you need to get done. Knowing when you’re planning to work on a specific item can make all the difference to manage your time appropriately.

Clean your workspace

A clear space is a clear mind! Clean out your desk, throw away those papers you don’t need (we promise it will be okay) and only have out the items you need. Having a space with only the essentials can make you not only more productive, but feel better too.

Digital decluttering

A clean workspace isn’t just the physical one, it’s your digital workspace as well! Delete those files you no longer need and utilize folders to organize the ones you do. One specific example is webpage bookmarks. Add bookmark categories to be able to quickly find what you’re looking for instead of spending all that time scrolling.

Set your goals

One of the best ways to prioritize your time and keep it organized is to set goals! Start by determining what you want your annual goals to be and then work backwards to set smaller quarterly/monthly/weekly goals to get you there.


Now that you know some of our favorite organizational tips and tricks, start putting them to use and see what the New Year brings!


Katie Dyer

Katie is a Senior Operations Manager at HubSearch. She effectively connects HubSearch's mission and vision to people practices and serves as the strategic business advisor to the CEO and management team.