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Hannah DonahueJun 29, 20202 min read

Hannah Donahue: Why I Chose HubSearch

Like many other people, I missed out on a job opportunity due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) causing lay-offs and closures all across the country. Unsure of where to turn, I began researching other opportunities that could be done from the comfort of my own home, but also provide me with a meaningful and educational experience.

That was when I came across a job posting sent to me by my career counselor from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) detailing a content creation internship position. I’m currently a marketing student at UNH with a minor in writing with an interest in content creation, so I felt like this would be a really great opportunity to enhance my skill set and also pick up new skills while I was at it.

I had a little bit of experience with HubSpot from their certification courses offered through HubSpot Academy and after spending the year as an associate in UNH’s first student-run digital marketing agency, Voice Z Digital. I felt like HubSearch would be the perfect place for me to dive headfirst into the world of HubSpot.

After submitting my application and landing an interview, I researched the company and found that it was run by incredibly driven individuals who are determined to make a difference within the HubSpot ecosystem and ensure that Agency Partners and Customers were getting the best employees that they could find.

I wanted to intern with a company that fosters innovation and creativity, and most of all, truly cares about the work that they do. HubSearch breaks the mold of your typical staffing agency and proves that upon the first call.

Something that stuck with me from my first glance at HubSearch’s website is their hiring model, simply defined as “Launch. Connect. Hire.” They make it clear in saying this that they are here for you as a candidate or as a company. When you work with HubSearch, you are creating a partnership with a company that cares about where it places employees and the companies it places people in. They don’t disappear after placing an employee, they are with them every step of the way - which proves their dedication to what they do.

This type of dedication was something that I was desperately searching for in an employer and people in general. They are more than just a company, they are a close-knit and hardworking team that enjoys every day of what they do. It is something that so many companies try to replicate, but lack that something special. It was a team that I knew from the first interview I would want to be a part of.