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Hannah MulleeSep 14, 20201 min read

Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Resume

Are you not confident in how your experience is being displayed on your resume? Are you wondering if your resume is too long or too short? Is your resume not ready to be looked at by someone who could be your future employer? If you said yes to any of these questions, then look no further! These top five tips on how to boost your resume could be everything you need to impress an employer and secure your dream job.

  1. Your resume should be at least one page - but no longer than three. There should be a balance between relevant experience and your skill sets. If your resume is too long, an employer likely will only skim it or read the first page. That being said, if your resume is going to be more than one page, make sure you are prioritizing the important information and not letting it get buried.
  2. Only include relevant experience on your resume. For example, when you are applying to a Digital Marketing Strategist position, you wouldn’t want to include waiting tables five years ago on the resume that you submit to the employer.
  3. Make sure your experiences have specific descriptions of your duties that you completed when working that position. If you use a general description, then your experience might not resonate with the interviewer.
  4. Keep your resume organized. It helps to have sections marking the different categories such as experience, skills, and notable accomplishments. This also makes the resume easier to read.
  5. Make your resume visually appealing and stand out from the pool of applicants. Resumes can tend to all look and sound the same after a while of filing through them, so it’s important to stand out. What can help with this is to think about what your personality would look like visually on a page. 

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