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Megan PrescottSep 08, 20202 min read

Are You Prioritizing Your Candidate's Experience?

If you and your team are conducting interviews for a position that’s opened up at your organization, there’s a lot to consider within the process. Sometimes, those considerations can get lost in the hustle and bustle of finding your new team member, but here’s something you should never forget: the experiences of your job candidates are of utmost importance.

Be Transparent and Efficient with the Candidates

It’s more than likely that the candidate you’re interviewing applied to more job openings than just yours, and could very well be in someone else’s interview process. In the time it takes you to make a decision or offer, that candidate could already be four steps ahead in another interview process with a different organization. This is why the speed of delivery and communication with the candidates is going to be essential. 

To help with this, let the candidate know right from the beginning what the interview process will look like. You’ll want to communicate how many interviews are expected, any preparation that’s needed and who they will be interviewing with. 

Keep the Candidate Excited and Engaged

Show that you are excited to have them in the interview process and treat every interviewee like they are already part of the team. The moment a candidate walks into the room, they can feel the atmosphere of the room. If you feel like you are low-energy or like something is off, they can feel that, too. 

The candidate knows of your company, but they may not know you. Your organization has a reputation to the public eye - and you don’t want that to be damaged at all by having a poor interview process. It’s important to remember this because if your interview process is negative in any way, then you run the risk of losing future applicants and maybe even future business.

Remote Interviews? Not a Problem!

Remote interviews and working remotely is the new norm. Keeping the interview process engaging while remote is one of the bigger challenges that you’ll come across, so how do you go about this?

Team interviews can be one of the most fun and engaging experiences for candidates during the interview process, regardless of whether you’re remote or in person! Typically with team interviews, they can have a more conversational aspect among colleagues and a potential new team member. It doesn’t have to always be about the nitty gritty details of the candidate’s resume, it can be more about how they interact with your team and fit in the culture. When done remote, it can make the process feel more comfortable for the candidate and less isolating for a team that could already be working remotely. However, for the final interview, ownership is extremely important.

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