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Brenna TurpinFeb 15, 20212 min read

How to Throw a Company Party Over Zoom

Together but not together - there is still fun to be had even though you may not be in the same room as your team! Just because your crew’s operations have been moved to remote settings doesn’t mean you should let your company culture and camaraderie suffer. This is a time to relax and let loose from the workday, throw on your party outfit, and provide a distraction from the looming pandemic.

Don’t forget to have a reason 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a lively gathering, but you don’t want the party to run dry for your guests. Have a theme, a purpose, a reason to celebrate, that gives your team an incentive to show up and interact. Put some careful thought and planning into it, as it will become obvious if the party is “thrown together.” Having a party schedule or agenda may help with the flow of events, without leaving room for “dead air.”


Bring the office decorations home. Think about how you would decorate the office space for your party theme and try to recreate that image online. Will you have a special Zoom background for your guests? Will there be a dress code? You can also think about if you will involve food or not. Maybe everyone could make something that they would normally bring to the party? Do the best you can to make the remote environment as close to an in person party as possible. Remember that this should be a lighthearted event, so refrain from putting too much pressure on the delivery. 


Where is the fun?! Get a hype playlist to play for your team as everyone is joining your Zoom, or even to continue playing in the background. You can send out a shared music playlist where everyone on your team can add some of their favorite songs to the list and your teammates can find some new tunes recommended by their peers! Brainstorm ways in which your team can stay involved and interact with each other. Games are a great way to ensure that no one is left out in their own little square on the screen. There are online multiplayer games such a Kahoot, Jackbox, and Menti, that allow participants to send in virtual responses. There are also games you can adapt for an online environment such as charades, and pictionary. 

Maybe you want to take a more laid back approach and hire a musician, comedian, or magician to do a remote show. There are also opportunities for viewing parties where you and your team watch a movie together. Pop that pop corn and dim the lights! 

Nevertheless, company parties do not have to end because you are “out of office.” All that matters is to keep your team happy and connected so that relationships do not crumble into only work transactions.