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Blog - The Art of the Follow-Up

The Art of the Follow-Up: A Recruiter's Guide to Professional Stalking

We're going to explore "The Art of the Follow-Up," a skill that recruiters have mastered to perfection. While we may call it professional stalking, recruiters know it as the secret weapon that gets elusive candidates to respond. 

"The Gentle Nudge"

Picture this: you've just sent out the first email to your dream candidate. Days go by, and there's no response. What do you do? You send a gentle nudge, like a friendly neighbor checking in. "Hi there! Just checking if my last email got lost in your inbox. Looking forward to connecting!"

"The Mysterious LinkedIn Connection"

When emails fail to get a response, recruiters turn to LinkedIn, the ultimate resource for professional stalking. They send a connection request, knowing that candidates might be more inclined to accept. Once connected, it's time to engage with their posts, subtly reminding them of your existence.

"The Art of the 'Bump'"

Email chains can become endless mazes of unread messages. That's where "The Bump" comes in handy. Politely reply to your initial email, like you're continuing a conversation with an old friend. "Just circling back on my previous message... 😉"

"The Creative Approach"

Sometimes, a little creativity goes a long way. Recruiters have been known to send personalized videos, memes, or even handwritten notes to catch a candidate's attention. After all, who can resist a heartfelt message accompanied by a dancing cat meme?

"The Ghostbuster"

When all else fails, it's time to call in the Ghostbusters! 👻Recruiters may pick up the phone and dial the elusive candidate's number. If they don't answer, they leave a friendly voicemail, with their best "I'm-not-stalking-you-I-swear" tone.

"The Reverse Psychology"

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Some recruiters employ the reverse psychology tactic, subtly implying that the job opportunity might not be for everyone. "I understand if this isn't the right fit for you. But if it is, I'd love to discuss it further."

"The Mutual Friend"

If you share a mutual connection with your elusive candidate, use it to your advantage. Mention your common acquaintance, subtly hinting that your networking is interconnected. "Hey, I noticed we both know [Mutual Friend's Name]. Small world, right?"

"The Grand Finale: The Last-Ditch Effort"

As a last resort, recruiters may play their trump card: the grand finale. This is the moment when they pull out all the stops, offering them a brand new car or a free year of Starbucks if the candidate responds. Okay, maybe not, but they do send a final, heartfelt plea for a response.

In the world of recruitment, persistence is an art form. While we may call it "professional stalking" in reality, recruiters know it's all about perseverance, creativity, and genuine interest in connecting with the right candidates. So, next time you receive a follow-up email from a recruiter, remember the journey they've embarked on in finding the perfect fit for their open position. 

Cheers to the recruiters who never give up! 


Liz Hasty

Liz is a Client Success Manager for HubSearch. As someone who has worked for both staffing agencies and in internal HR, she has gained the well rounded experience to help her clients with their hiring needs and much more. She is very passionate about building long-lasting partnerships, the recruiting process and connecting with people to help them be successful.