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Ashton Adair October 19 < 1 min read

LISTEN: Jason Azocar Joins Kevin Dunn's Agency Unfiltered Podcast

Best Practices for Hiring HubSpot Talent

Jason Azocar, Founder and CEO of HubSearch, joins Kevin Dunn's (HubSpot Academy Professor for Solutions Partners) Agency Unfiltered podcast to share his interpretation of the HubSpot talent shortage. Jason and Kevin look at the opportunity in front of partners through three lenses: putting your best foot forward before hiring, best practices for facilitating a candidate through the hiring process, and the importance of sustainable onboarding plans and talent retention strategies. Pre-hiring, they talk about where and how to source, the going market rates for HubSpot talent, and how to position your company as a great place to work. For the hiring process, they unpack the full candidate experience and how to balance speed vs. quality of the process. Lastly, after a hire has been made, they discuss strategies for onboarding, growing, and keeping top talent, how partners should be thinking about balance, and how to grow a People Ops function.

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Ashton Adair

Marketing Manager