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Jason AzocarMay 04, 20225 min read

I need HubSpotters! What Are My Recruiting Firm Options?

When you’re looking for niche HubSpot talent, you’re up against a feat of a search. The demand for specialists continues to rise, and the number of available positions is following suit. With a supply and demand challenge, recruiting for technical wizards even before movements like the Great Resignation is cause to look for a recruiting partner in order to speed up the search without jeopardizing the quality of candidates to choose from. So when you’re specifically looking for marketing, sales, or revenue talent with a HubSpot specialty, you are likely wondering which firm you should go with, and which knows how to draw in this niche talent pool, and how to know if they’re your right fit partner. We’re here to help!


Vetting for the Right Recruiting Firm 

Just like choosing any other third party to work with, it’s important to also vet for “right fit” to ensure you have a smooth working relationship. With recruiting firms, you want to be sure to spend time considering this component of your search considering their recruiters are going to represent your brand. Here’s what we suggest you look for:


Core Values 

We firmly believe that before selecting any partners to work with it’s imperative to analyze if they’re going to align your business's core values. 

It’s important to look for an organization that is going to protect your brand’s reputation, and the best way to ensure this is to evaluate the values in which they conduct business themselves. Do they practice their value sets in their daily work? Do their testimonials showcase the kind of partner you want to work with? When they’re out seeking and speaking to candidates on your behalf, they are selling your organization over other roles the candidates are seeking. Do they do that with integrity, pride and grace? All of these are some of the factors to watch for. 


The Process 

Recruiting is a time consuming process, and one that takes dedication and drive to find the perfect candidate. When you’re interviewing recruiting firms, be sure to really understand their process. What KPIs are their recruiters held to? What are their usual timelines? How do they go about scheduling interviews with you and your team? How are they tracking their searches? Be sure to dig into their process so that you ensure working with the firm of your choice is truly going to be an efficient relationship, and protect your time vs. bottleneck the process. And while you’re shopping around, pay attention to the type of service you receive in the sales stage - is the organization more transactional or intentional? Are they really listening to your needs or just trying to close  deal?


The Cost 

Be sure you really understand your options on pricing, and your partner should be very transparent about what all their model entails. Start by asking about billing timelines, initial engagement fees to start searches, placement percentage fees, and more. 

It’s also incredibly critical to know their guarantees. Are they going to replace churned talent if the new hire exits within the first 60-90 days? Be sure to read the business-to-business agreement closely before entering into a search with the firm. It’s also important to not shop for the cheapest firm. You want to ensure you’re understanding of what you’re getting for less, and inversely what you’re getting for a premium. Talented people are hard to find, so your investment in a quality search often correlates to the level of candidates you’ll receive. 


Digital Marketing Recruiting Firms 

It’s hard enough to find a culture fit, much less a culture fit with a specialty skill set. When you’re needing a digital marketing, creative, or mar-tech specific role filled, the recruiting firms below are some of the niche providers in the space. Let’s take a look.


Paladin is one of the more premium placement firms in the mar-comm, and creative spaces with some digital talent in the mix as well. They’re more fitting for agency talent looking for core team roles in delivery and client success. They also offer contract and contract-to-hire searches.

Vitamin T

Vitamin T focuses on delivery-based digital marketing talent, however they offer a self service search of their talent database, keeping more of the work on your plate. You can also engage with a recruiter, however they too are searching from a database, and sending resumes to you to vet, keeping you more hyper-involved in the process. The level of heavy lifting is still often on the client due to their process, but could be a cost saver for more entry-level roles besides the soft cost of straining your team/hiring committee if they’re stretched thin.

Creative Circle

Creative Circle is a talent hub for more novice delivery talent. You’ll find it a great resource for entry-level designers, SEO/SEM, junior account coordinators and more. Their process is more about providing you with volume - a listicle style submission of candidates for you to choose to speak to. They may not vet every candidate personally, so if you’re looking for a solution where the recruiter runs the whole process, Creative Circle may not be your best option. 


Celarity is a more consultative firm. Much like Paladin, they too have a higher level of focus on speciality talent, and a more value-driven approach to their process. The biggest difference we see with Celarity compared to our offerings is a more CRM agnostic database vs. ours which bleeds HubSpot orange! 


The HubSearch Difference 

Our prospect’s number one complaint is that they’ve worked with recruiting firms before that have provided very little value, and can never hit the mark on specialists. At HubSearch, our number one priority is to connect you with HubSpot specialists that other firms can’t deliver, and ensure we provide utmost value as a premium provider. With the largest network of HubSpot experts, HubSearch was built to deliver these hard-to access candidates. 

We are also dedicated to serving as your partner, and long-term extension of your team. Through our process, we ensure that we listen, repeat back what you’re looking for through our high-touch onboarding kickoff process, set-up to streamline scheduling with your hiring team, and thoroughly interview with your company, culture, and role in mind so that you only see finalist-caliber candidates. A.k.a. we never pass you piles of resumes to sift through. 

To top it off, we will be honest if the role you’re seeking isn’t what you need to fill your gaps, and keep you apprised of the market demand so you’re starting off with the right budget and enter into your search with realistic expectations. If you’re still deciding whether or not to engage with us, our 90-day placement guarantee should mitigate all doubt in us as your chosen partner. 

Learn more about what it's like working with HubSearch. Ready to get started? Let's chat! 

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Jason Azocar

Jason is a former HubSpot Recruiting Manager, a leader and a start-up veteran. A passionate team builder and an expert in recruiting and talent acquisition program design.