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Selling Your Company to an Interviewee
Bridget AzocarApr 21, 20227 min read

8 Ways Recruiters Help Job Seekers

If you’ve ever received outreach from a recruiting firm asking to discuss an opportunity with you, but didn’t trust the validity of the message, you’re not alone. Just like any other opportunity, it’s always important to vet the recruiter and consider your happiness in your current role first. You may be perfectly content to stay put, and decline the offer to chat,  but if you’re curious in the slightest, you may be pleasantly surprised if you entertain an introductory conversation. At a minimum, all it will cost you is a few minutes and could place you in the next stage of your career while expanding your network in an exponential way. 

So before you brush off that next InMail outreach, reconsider the ways working with a recruiter could propel your growth if you’re remotely interested. 

8 Benefits to Utilizing a Recruiter 

Searching for your next role can be incredibly stressful regardless of the market. Even if companies are coming to you, it’s hard to navigate those conversations while dealing with your current full-time role. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a recruiter in the wings when you need support to find the right fit role without the time consuming hunt? 

Let’s break down the top seven benefits to working with a recruiter:

  1. Recruiters don’t cost you any money to work with. Many still do not realize this, but the employers pay recruiters for helping them place the right talent in their roles. So you are the solution to the task at hand!

  2. Recruiters are an advocate in your search. When you’re working with a recruiter, you’re gaining an advocate who listens to what opportunity you’re looking for, the criteria that matter to you, and matches you to a role that they’re looking to place. Recruiters need to show their clients great fit candidates, not just a warm body off LinkedIn. Knowing this, you should feel secure that you’re being represented accurately to good fit jobs.

  3. Specialty Recruiters Value Your Skill Set. If you’re an experienced professional with speciality skill sets, such as HubSpot technical experience, working with a recruiting firm that specializes in your niche means working with companies that are seeking your skill set, know your value and who are having a hard time finding talent on their own. Recruiters are also versed in coaching their clients on paying the appropriate market rates, so you can ensure you’re getting compensated for your experience.

  4. Specialty Recruiters Have Access to More Relevant Opportunities. On the same note, your recruiter will give you access to more opportunities. If you’re looking for positions on your own, you may not come across the same roles, and sometimes clients don’t cross-list their open role if they prefer their recruiter to secure their talent needs. This means you have someone in your corner that’s pairing you with vetted, quality, hard to find opportunities.

    As our CEO, Jason Azocar says for this very reason, “Everyone needs a recruiter in their corner.”

  5. Recruiters Coach You to Present Your Best Self & Offer Feedback. Recruiters are armed with the information to coach you as to why you’re a strong fit for a role so you can go into interviews with more confidence. They’ll often give you advice on how to polish up your resume and LinkedIn profile to spotlight what’s going to differentiate you as a top tier candidate. The best recruiting firms will also pass along feedback from their clients. Their goal is to keep you in the running if it’s an appropriate fit, and help you continue to interview better in each stage.
  6. Recruiters are a Champion for You. If you applied on your own to an opportunity, you are hoping that your resume and application does you justice in a pile of other candidates. If a company found you via a recruiter, they’re hearing from a trusted source that you’re a screened, strong fit for the role. You’ll have a champion in your corner fighting for you, upping your chances to be a front runner. Should you secure the role, they should also serve as a sounding board throughout your key milestones: offer letter, resignation, and your first 90 days.

  7. Recruiters Will Keep You In Their Network. If you do not place for a role they had in mind, recruiters will keep you in their network for future positions. They will remember working with you, have you in their database, and you will come to mind when new positions open up in which you check boxes. Even if you’re not quite looking at the moment, building a strong relationship with a recruiter could lead to a long-term relationship that brings you surprising opportunities, helping to pave your career path.

  8. Recruiters Help You Access Resources to Level-Up in Your Career. If you’re working with the right recruiting firm, you should also unlock access to resources that  help you up your game throughout your career, not just when you’re looking to make a move.  Ask if joining their database and network gains you access to eBooks, checklists, articles, newsletters, and more that touches on relevant content to help you grow and develop your career. 

Don’t get us wrong, not all recruiters and firms operate alike, so it’s very important to interview them to see if they offer most or all of these benefits before engaging. Just like any other engagement, there needs to be rapport, trust and value-added on both sides of the relationship. Don’t only focus on the role they’re presenting you, but focus on the firm they work for, and their process to ensure that they’re going to be the right advocate in your corner.

The HubSearch Community Response

HubSearch specializes in finding top, skilled talent in the HubSpot community. We work with many candidates and clients to help cultivate career paths and grow businesses alike. Considering we have this incredible community at our fingertips, we took to the polls on LinkedIn to see what value candidates enjoyed most from working with a recruiting firm. Here are the results:

HubSearch Recruiter Benefits Poll LinkedIn

What we love about these results is it tells us that there are so many benefits to working with an advocate, and different candidates receive support for their unique needs. This data exhibits that there’s so much value added, and recruiters really listen. The fact that out of four of our eight top benefits listed, there’s not one clear winner of the poll, affirming there are multiple factors that weigh into why working with a recruiter is beneficial. 

Not only did we talk to candidates for feedback, but we asked some of our recruiters what they believe is most valuable for candidates in working together. What is the HubSearch difference in their opinion? We were blown away by their responses.

Here’s what they had to say:

What's unique about working at HubSearch is how much we care about our candidates. It's a very unique process where we get to know our candidates on a personal level and have their best interests at heart.” - Christina Eng

There is no better feeling than being able to help a candidate land a dream job where, of course, they're going to provide value to the client, but they're also going to secure their goal compensation, and a sweet new opportunity where they'll be valued. We advocate for our candidates way more than any other agency/firm I've worked with by far! I think I speak for all of the recruiters when I say our main focus day-to-day are the candidates, and in turn that helps our clients secure the best talent.- Chelsea Joki

So if you’ve been a little weary about engaging with a firm or answering a recruiter in your InMail inbox, hopefully we’ve been able to provide you with some reassurance. Not only are there many benefits to working with a recruiter, but hopefully you enjoyed hearing from our candidate community, and our recruiters in order to gain more perspective.

If you’re in a digital marketing, account management, project management, creative, revenue, or agency role with HubSpot experience, and are looking to learn more about securing your next big opportunity, reach out. We’re here to help!

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