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Jason AzocarNov 16, 20202 min read

Don't Wait: Top 3 Reasons to Hire Over the Holidays

Are you thinking about a January hire? Don’t wait, the time is now! We all know things get crazy around the holidays, but believe it or not, it can be a great time to hire top talent. A lot of companies choose to slow things down around this time, but it’s important to understand that for candidates, the search for a new job is just beginning.

1. Candidates are more accessible over the holidays

With the holidays comes a fair amount of days off for most people. We see great response rates from candidates over the holiday season because they have a little bit more free time to engage with us. During this time, you need to take advantage of the fact that we can get in front of a lot of different people. 

We meet a lot of great candidates during the end of the year and into the holiday season who are just starting to think about making the move to a new role. reports that 60% of people make New Year's resolutions, many of which are tied to career advancements and new opportunities.

2. If you wait until mid-Q1, you could miss out

Whether it be a New Years resolution or a need to switch things up, many of our candidates will start looking for a new position in their time off during the holiday season. 

They are often reflecting on the previous year and making a commitment to themselves that there will be a change in the New Year. Usually, our candidates will hope to join a new team in the first few weeks of January, so your company shouldn’t hold off on hiring until mid-Q1, like so many do. If you do that, you are likely to miss out on some incredible candidates. Some, but definitely not all of our clients push hiring off until early January, and we don’t blame you if you do! Everyone needs a little vacation, we aren’t suggesting you start someone on December 23rd.

The first half of Q1 is a hiring spree, get out there and secure our top talent! Because of new budgets, new goals or new priorities, adding new talent earlier in the year allows your team to better forecast organizational performance and revenue numbers.

3. You want your hiring process to be quick and painless

You’ve probably seen on our website that we deliver rockstars fast and that it’s our goal to make the hiring process as easy as we can for you. Our previous clients can attest to that! Just because we deliver fast, doesn’t mean we can’t slow down our process for you to fit your needs. While the ideal time to make a hire is within 60 days from your projected start date, we are more than willing to work with you and discuss all of the options. 

At the end of the day, whether you’re ready to bring on somebody amazing January 4th or mid-February, HubSearch is your go-to recruiting team. But keep in mind that waiting will definitely mean missing out on some amazing candidates.

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Jason Azocar

Jason is a former HubSpot Recruiting Manager, a leader and a start-up veteran. A passionate team builder and an expert in recruiting and talent acquisition program design.