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Jason AzocarOct 04, 20192 min read

3 Keys To A GREAT Digital Marketing Job Description

You have one shot at this. You have a candidate's eyeballs on your job description for maybe 30 seconds... better make those seconds count! 

Here are the 3 most important aspects to consider when writing your job description as you try to entice an amazing Digital Marketer to apply: 

1) It's not about you. It is ALL about your reader!

So often as we council our partners on how to create a hyper compelling job description we gear things like "I need 4 years of experience" or "We won't hire anyone without a 4 year degree". Our reply is always the same. It isn't about what you is 100% about what will cause your target to hit the apply button. Your job description is not a list of your requirements, it is a piece of marketing collateral that needs to be designed for conversion in the form of applications. 

2) Don't let your candidate's opt out

Poorly performing job description's have a number of things in common. The primary commonality is creating a list of requirements that cause your targets to opt out. We see it time and time again:


3-5 years of experience in....

Expert level skills in....

Partners; stop writing requirements into your job description's! You are creating multiple opportunities for your candidates to opt out after they review a "requirement" that almost certainly isn't really a requirement. "3-5" years of experience is the biggest culprit. You won't hire someone amazing with 2.5 years of extremely relevant experience? Of course you will. But you just lost that application because they felt under-qualified.  

3) Your job description is an opportunity to sell your culture and the opportunity

I've said it before and I'll say it again; your job description is a selling tool, a piece of marketing collateral - not a list of what you need. You are trying to get as many applications as you can from candidates who are even remotely close. Instead of using this document to try to make candidates mentally qualify (or more likely disqualify) themselves, use this doc to describe why amazing people will LOVE working within your agency.

The job description should mostly be a description of why a great marketer will want to be a part of your agency with a sprinkling of what you think an ideal candidate brings to the table. Help your reader, who almost certainly isn't unemployed, feel great about making that commitment to apply. Remember, it is a big commitment to apply for a new position. It means the anxiety of an interview process, it means a big time investment and it also it means the potential for rejection. 

Happy Hiring!


Jason Azocar

Jason is a former HubSpot Recruiting Manager, a leader and a start-up veteran. A passionate team builder and an expert in recruiting and talent acquisition program design.