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Jason AzocarAug 10, 20203 min read

When Should You Work with HubSearch?

You start your morning with the news that one of your key team members is leaving your company — which leaves a huge hole in your operation you have to fill fast. 

You don’t have time to post on multiple job boards, read the flood of resumes, then spend months trying to find the right fit for that role. Even if you’ve already got a backlog of resumes submitted through a careers page on your site, who’s got the time to tackle that right now? You’re busy with your work, and you need to fill the position with a talented, experienced pro now

That’s why HubSearch is here. We’re the best at what we do, delivering value to your company through helping you find your next rockstars — along with strategies to keep them. 

However, there are also times when you shouldn’t use us. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

When not to work with HubSearch

If you want to fill a role requiring no particular skill set, search within your network. Posting on LinkedIn or general job boards will generate a pool of responses. Using your existing network will speed up the process of finding people to interview and potentially hire.

The same recommendations apply if you’re looking to hire someone part-time or for a freelance gig. In these cases, online hiring platforms do the job.

To fill an entry-level position, even those requiring specific skill sets, contact college and university career offices. They’ll share the opportunity with students soon to graduate and recent grads in that career field. You may prefer to reach out locally if that’s a requirement for you, but keep in mind that this cohort may be willing to relocate or capable of working remotely — so contact schools that have the top programs in your industry. 

When to leave it to us

Put the search in our hands when you need a highly qualified HubSpot pro that has the skills and mindset to excel in a full-time role with your company. While many think that’s limited to only marketing professionals, we go far beyond that.

We can help you fill any specialized HubSpot role, which could be an expert developer, a digital marketing strategist, or an SEO superstar — you name it. Tell us the role and what you’re looking for in a candidate and we’ll find the right choices for you, fast.

Finding and hiring a new team member is a huge undertaking. It takes time, and that’s time away from all your other tasks, duties, and responsibilities. It’s stressful because a bad hire can hurt your company in too many ways. Skills, talent, and a proven track record don’t tell the whole story, you need someone who will be the right fit for your unique organization. 

Let HubSearch do the work for you. We’ll thoroughly vet all the candidates’ qualifications, conduct pre-interviews,  and select people who will be a good fit. We make sure you see only the top tier of those who applied.

Here’s what may be the most important thing — the best person to fill that role may not even be looking for a new job. Odds are, your next rockstar is working somewhere else and needs to see a compelling reason to even consider something new. The HubSearch talent network finds and contacts those excellent candidates for you. 

We go well beyond what a typical transactional recruiter provides. Our relationship doesn’t end when we close a search. We’re your partner as you grow your company, working with you in hiring — and keeping — great people.


Jason Azocar

Jason is a former HubSpot Recruiting Manager, a leader and a start-up veteran. A passionate team builder and an expert in recruiting and talent acquisition program design.