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Jason AzocarMar 01, 20212 min read

Hot Hire: HubSpot Implementation Specialists

There’s another position that should be on your radar and that’s Implementation Specialists. Currently, there has been a high volume of searches for a HubSpot Implementation Specialist, hinting to an extremely competitive environment when scooping up rockstars for this position. So keep an eye out, solidify your understanding of the position, and hone in on your hiring process.

What is a HubSpot Implementation Specialist?

As a refresher, a HubSpot Implementation Specialist, indicative of the name, is a HubSpot guru. More specifically, they are software leaders who guide customers through digital marketing campaign planning, software setup and HubSpot tool training. They also provide consulting to clients in the topics of inbound marketing and software integration to boost marketing practices. As with most other positions, HubSpot Implementation Specialists are responsible for keeping up with industry trends as well to ensure the information they provide in consults is accurate and up to date. 

How to construct your search?

While there is a level of difficulty when seeking out hires for a HubSpot Implementation Specialist, there are things to look for to narrow down your options. You want to be looking for candidates that have at least 2-3 years of HubSpot experience. This ensures that they fully understand the HubSpot software and can effectively teach someone how to use it and why it’s important. Basically, you want them to know HubSpot like the back of their hand and be able to field any questions about the software and address marketing situations that could benefit from HubSpot integration.

What is the price point?

Fluctuations in salary are to be expected for highly demanded and highly competitive roles in the industry. In the last two years, the designated salary for a HubSpot Implementation Specialist has increased dramatically. This price jump is not without reason! You are going to be paying for what a HubSpot Implementation Specialist is worth and the results they will deliver. So, attract the best candidate by offering them a salary that matches their skillset, and make sure you are choosing the right person for your company. 

What’s the best way to recruit?

Don’t expect to get this person by posting on job boards, on your website, or advertising on social media. This kind of position requires more of a tailored and aggressive approach to discover qualified candidates in the shortest amount of time. In years past, you could have gotten away with securing a HubSpot Implementation Specialist with an effective inbound strategy, but this is not the case at present unless you want to spend at least six months on your search. Since there is a need for a speedy search and discovery for a HubSpot Implementation Specialist, you might want to consider hiring a specialized team of recruiters to expedite this process. A recruiter is going to operate with a sense of urgency while keeping in mind your expectation of who you want as your HubSpot Implementation Specialist. Thus, decreasing the candidate search time, while delivering more qualified candidates.

So if you’ve had your eye on hiring a HubSpot Implementation Specialist, get proactive and start now. Assess your timeline of your desired interview and start dates, and if you find yourself short on time, our recruiting methods can help deliver you a HubSpot Implementation Specialist rockstar.


Jason Azocar

Jason is a former HubSpot Recruiting Manager, a leader and a start-up veteran. A passionate team builder and an expert in recruiting and talent acquisition program design.