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Cali MiksonMay 27, 20214 min read

A Gen Z's View on Remote Work

The internship search process during my freshman year of college was disheartening. Off the bat, I understood I had limited opportunities because I was so young and had little experience. Despite this, I was still driven to secure an internship. As I entered location filters on LinkedIn and Handshake, I saw my options dwindle. Two months after my initial search, the world changed drastically as this was 2020. Once March hit, my chances of having any internship felt virtually impossible with the world being so uncertain. That summer, I decided to stay with the part-time job I had since high school to make some extra money rather than pursue an internship. 

This past school year, I was far more optimistic after learning most internships were fully remote. The location filter was no longer another hurdle. This meant could apply for exponentially more internships than I could freshman year. Thus, my likelihood to secure an internship increased as well. I now work remotely with people all over the country. So far, a remote internship has been great for me! Gen Z has different generational needs than generations above us and remote work fulfills them. My peers and I came out of a tumultuous college experience amidst COVID. It was socially isolating and financially stressful. A remote internship gives us the flexibility we need to alleviate these stressors.

Gen Z is now entering the workforce with older members being recent college grads and college students. We are very valuable to a work environment. Gen Z is very tech-savvy, as we have a great deal of technology at our disposal at such a young age. Additionally, we are innovative, with new perspectives and views. Above all, we understand the uncertain world we live in and work very hard as a result of that.

Working in person is not worth the cost

Many members of Gen Z do not have the luxury of pursuing an in-person internship, making remote internships ideal.According to a recent survey, 60% of college students in the US, UK, and Canada report losing some or all of their income. Therefore, Gen Z might be wary about the opportunity cost of an internship considering most are unpaid. If someone wants to have a second job, an in-person internship makes this very difficult because they are stuck in the office.  Having a remote internship allows more flexibility for a second job. Additionally, if the internship requires a relocation, moving for just a summer can be pretty daunting. Moving and rent are incredibly expensive for anyone, especially a college student in the middle of a pandemic. In short, remote work is essential to Gen Z for a variety of reasons that do not apply to junior and senior employees.

A better work-life balance? Yes, please.

Remote internships allow a better work-life balance for Gen Z. First, there is no commute; this extra time to fit in our school,  job, and lifestyle needs is very helpful to us. Gen Z is used to being on the go, adapting to the moment, especially after having to change so much through 2020 from week to week. Additionally, restrictions are currently being lifted and the world is finally opening up. With 86% of college students report an increased level of social isolation, this is even more unique to Gen Z since we are very eager to experience life again. Remote internships are great for this because we are not cooped up in the office. Unlike generations before us, going into the office is not viewed as socializing. Once we get all of our work done for the day, we can utilize our free time however we may like, thus having a better work-life balance. Overall, the world we experienced in our college years is unlike any other before us. Gen Z’s specific needs are so unique because of this.

Gen Z is coming to the workforce, and we are ready for you!

Gen Z is very valuable to the workforce. We have had the most advanced technology at our fingertips from such a young age making us tech-savvy. Since Gen Z is on track to be the most educated generation, we have plenty of new perspectives and knowledge to share. We are also the most racially and ethnically diverse compared to older generations. Also, Gen Z is a very profitable market; we have a spending power of 143 billion and will account for about 40% of global consumers this year. Marketing techniques that appeal to Millenials do not have the same effect on Gen Z. We understand our likes, wants, needs very well. This means we can generate content, strategies, and products that appeal to them. Also, Gen Z is very aware of the world they live in and the uncertainty around it; 50% of Gen Z feels they won’t have financial stability after graduation. This makes us very dedicated and hungry workers. We are willing to push ourselves to work incredibly hard and deliver a great end product. We do this to put ourselves in the best positions possible when we are searching for jobs. Sooner than we think, Gen Z will dominate the workforce. Offering remote work is a way to attract the best Gen Z talent. Looking just locally will hurt your chances when there is so much talent, knowledge, and work ethic beyond your neighborhood.

Finding remote work can be a stressful prospect, you are expanding your searches nationwide. The payoff will be well worth it with the amazing talent, culture, and happiness of your employees. If you need help searching for your next remote employee reach out to us below.