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3 Reasons HubSpot Admin
Jason AzocarDec 15, 20227 min read

3 Reasons Why You Need a HubSpot Admin

So you’ve pulled the trigger on HubSpot SalesHub Pro or Enterprise, your organization depends on that suite of tools to be the source of data truth and to store and organize one of the most valuable resources a company has = data. But you have no one on your team who really understands how to optimize, automate, secure, manage and get maximum ROI out of the system. Why?!

You’ve purchased and are paying for a world class data management tool in your HubSpot CRM but you consciously have made a choice not to support that tech purchase with the talent needed to make the purchase worth it. You’ve bought a Cadillac and then hired a three year old as your chauffeur? Makes no sense. If you did not want to invest in the talent to run the platform, running your business on spreadsheets may have been the way to go (it 1000% is not but you understand the analogy).

Investing in a tool like the HubSpot CRM requires an investment in talent. You can choose to train existing team members if you have someone on the team who is technical enough and has the bandwidth, but much more likely you’re looking at a new hire. Your HubSpot CRM Administrator. Luckily that profile can mean a great deal of things. Some Admins are exclusively technical systems managers, while some cross into RevOps and business strategy territory. It all depends on what your organization needs but regardless of who you hire, below are three of the top reasons you can’t live without this person. 


Data is Money. Manage it wisely. 

You wouldn’t let your team of early career BDR’s, smart savvy and amazing as they are, manage your 401k. Why? Because they aren’t qualified, don’t have the right skills or experience and frankly it isn’t their job. Exactly the same with the data in your CRM. Your organization has converted money into data, probably over many years and that data lives in your HubSpot CRM. Handing the management of one of the most valuable assets your company has to team members who aren’t qualified to manage it is one of the biggest mistakes we see organizations make. It results in sloppy, poorly organized, no longer useful data. AKA wasted money. 

In a very real way your data is currency. You’ve worked extremely hard to acquire that data (or maybe paid huge sums of money for lists), it must be protected and cultivated. This is the primary role of your Admin. Protect and cultivate the data so it is maximally useful for the organization.


Revenue Opportunities

The HubSpot Admin is not a cost center hire, but no one would blame you if at first glance that was your assertion. To the contrary, your Admin’s role is to work across team borders with Sales, Marketing, Support and even Engineering to share data insights and identify opportunities to leverage data to drive revenue. Your Admin isn’t a mindless robotic button pusher. This person has the front row seat to the story your data is telling your company. This is the person that helps key revenue teams use the CRM to increase lead flow, identify conversation opportunities, manage highly segmented lists of future opportunities and much much more.


If you are just using your HubSpot CRM as “data storage” you’re missing the point of a CRM. 

When your CRM is well set up, highly organized, customized to your workflows and has a smart savvy Admin managing it becomes a key member of your revenue strategy. It makes everything your Sales, Marketing and Support team touch more valuable and more likely to produce revenue. 


The Why of It All. Your CRM as an Insight Engine. 

Ever had to make a tricky business decision and you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did not have the right information to make the best choice? Of course you have, we've all been there. It’s a terrible feeling. The good news - It is avoidable through investment and intentionality in your CRM. 

Your CRM doesn’t just store your data (unless you’re only using it as a data dump…which defeats the entire purpose of CRM). Your CRM is your insights engine and is the tool that when handled by a professional, tells you what is going inside of your business and why. The why is elusive and incredibly valuable. Your Admin is responsible for making sure your data can get you to the why behind various happenings in your organization. Positive or negative outcomes must be understood. If sales are way up, obviously that is fantastic. WHY?! What is working and how do you replicate it consistently and build upon it. Sales are down, WHY?! What is missing and how do you course correct. On and on this list could go. Your CRM Admin is a key played in answering these types of questions and getting to the all important insights that “why” brings you. 

Having a HubSpot Admin on your team is absolutely critical for any organization that relies on the HubSpot CRM as its data system of record. Good news / bad news: These people exist and are extremely valuable additions to a team, BUT they are all employed, very difficult to hire and extremely unlikely to apply to a job post because they have no motivation to do so. The HubSpot Admin is a hire that will be very tough to make without a strategic recruiting partner. HubSearch has spent years mapping the HubSpot talent in North America and has the best network of HubSpot Admins of any company on the planet. We’re ready when you are. 

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Jason Azocar

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