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Why Your Job Listing Isnt Producing Blog Header
Jason AzocarFeb 02, 20225 min read

Why Your Job Listing Isn’t Producing Your Ideal HubSpot Expert

The new year is in full-swing, and that means budgets are fresh, sales are ramping back up, and demand for a growing marketing team is upon you. If you’re in an agency setting, you’re probably preparing to scale and ramp your core teams and delivery roles to match the new business pipeline. You probably have some roles getting approved, or you have even begun to post for your new positions across job boards and channels such as LinkedIn, Indeed, your careers page, etc.

We know the excitement will build as you see the applications begin to roll in. But you may find yourself still searching for the ideal HubSpot candidate for a myriad of reasons, no matter your talent pool size. And you may actually find your pool smaller than anticipated due to the battle for talent, as well as movements like the Great Resignation (not to mention HubSpot talent is always in demand under usual circumstances). 

So let’s get you ahead of the curve before you get desperate to fill roles, break down what you should anticipate to see, and give you some solutions for a more active recruiting approach so that you can rest assured you’re selecting a long-term, right fit candidate from the best pool you can gather. 


The Demand for HubSpot Talent Has Only Increased

In the early days of HubSpot, and the following years as it grew in adoption, HubSpot talent was hard to find as a specialized skill set hadn’t yet grown in the workforce to keep up with demand. Now, we’re seeing many additional factors limiting the available talent despite the growing talent pool for multiple reasons, such as:

Keeping these challenges in mind, it’s important to rethink the way you’re recruiting and going to market to find your next team member(s). 


Activate an Outbound Recruiting Approach

Much like spray and pray marketing, passive recruiting is similar. We post our jobs out there on every channel we can, and wait and pray for the best candidates to find us. If we’re having a shortage in talent, and talent isn’t even hitting the market to make their next transition, why are we still expecting the same caliber of candidates to come across our inbox? Now more than ever, it’s time to make a shift in strategy. 

Let’s put it this way - you’re utilizing inbound recruiting methods, much like inbound marketing. It’s necessary for brand awareness, and to get found, but what marketing method do you use to snag those ideal clients, the right fit clients that you’ve been dreaming about landing? Account-based Marketing. 

You create an ideal customer profile, you build a target account list, and you begin to target those accounts with proactivity to bring them into your pipeline vs. hoping they one day stumble on your blog post and convert. Why not try the same approach for your recruiting methods? Create a profile of your ideal candidates, proactively search for talent accordingly, and go seek out passive candidates who aren’t looking at job listings. Turn your organization into a fierce competitor amidst the Great Resignation. Passive candidates may be happy where they are, but the talent pool has certainly heard of a few of their team members getting offers, and leveling up. Who's to say they aren’t hoping a recruiter finds them so they can do the same?

If you do not have the time or internal resources to invest in outbound recruiting activities, consider leveraging a recruiter to help assist you in the search. They’re familiar with the tools and tech to find the talent, and should serve as a partner in selling your organization, the role and your culture to bring you only the top candidates. 


Implement More Promotional Tactics

Sometimes as marketers we forget to be business owners. We often put our business acquisition hats on, and forget that in our marketing plans we still need to promote what we stand for, our values, our people, and our culture. That said, we also need to remember to integrate promoting our job listings just like we would any other landing page of any other campaign. 

Treating outbound recruiting as a consistent campaign within the annual growth marketing plan is so important to reach a wider pool of candidates. So don’t be afraid to promote your roles on your social channels, ask your team members to post the listing, offer referral incentives, seek talent from your local HubSpot User Groups, and discover which of your local Universities are part of the Education Partner Program. And if you’re looking for entry-level talent like coordinators or interns, be sure to create an employer profile on Handshake to syndicate your listing to many participating higher education job boards in one simple post. 


We’re always here to help. 

We know there’s a lot to focus on in the beginning of a new calendar year much less throughout, and we understand that more time recruiting means more time you’re not working for the business. If you don’t know where to start, are defeated by the lack of qualified candidates you’re attracting, your job listings just aren’t producing, or if you just do not have the time to spare on outbound recruiting, let HubSearch help you accelerate your search by partnering with us to bring you nothing short of the best candidates for the role AND your culture. 


Jason Azocar

Jason is a former HubSpot Recruiting Manager, a leader and a start-up veteran. A passionate team builder and an expert in recruiting and talent acquisition program design.