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Jason AzocarOct 12, 20217 min read

HubSpot and Digital Marketing Talent Demand Soars: Prepare to Pay Up

HubSpot talent used to be hard to find simply because the marketing talent hadn’t yet specialized in the growing CRM and CMS platform, previously favoring systems such as Salesforce/Pardot, Eloqua, and Marketo. But as demand rises in correlation with HubSpot’s market share growth, the talent is becoming more and more difficult to secure regardless of the rising tides in specialists. Put simply, the supply of talent is growing strong, but the demand is outpacing the growth of gurus. The reasons behind this movement and how you can ensure you’re finding and obtaining the top talent? Let’s unpack it all.

Why is My Agency or Organization Struggling to Find Top HubSpot Talent if the Market is Growing?

Digital Marketing Further Dominates due to COVID

One predominant factor cannot be ignored… COVID’s impact on market changes, how we engage as consumers, and the demand for businesses to completely pivot their traditional tactics to digital has exacerbated the demand for digital marketing skills. E-commerce alone grew by a staggering 32.4 percent in 2020 from 2019. With organizations following the need to go digital or increase their digital presence to match the demands of the marketplace, the demand for digital talent was sure to correlate. 

Whether COVID’s pressures aided or impacted certain industries and businesses, keeping marketing plans as they were developed in late 2019 or early 2020 wasn’t sustainable regardless of the industry. The amount of investments needed -- or budget allocations that were redirected -- in talent and in new or expanded MarTech to compete with the changes certainly has caused a supply and demand challenge for digital marketers. For instance, LinkedIn cited Digital Marketing Specialist as the most in-demand marketing role by volume of job listings on their platform, and content management systems (CMS) skills makes its way into the top ten required skills within marketing job listings.

HubSpot’s Market Share is on the Rise

HubSpot continues to not only add value to their product suite with the addition of new features and ‘Hubs’ such as Service Hub, Operations Hub, and more. HubSpot’s ever-expanding product suite expands their market share as it’s proving to be a holistic, and sticky solution for businesses of any size, SMB to enterprise level, thus HubSpot claims more market share than ever. Currently, 75% of HubSpot's revenue comes from Marketing and CMS Hubs. They expect the majority of their revenue growth to come from Sales and Service Hubs as they put an increased emphasis on their services and more of the market demand turns to expanded services from their CMS/CRM platform.

So, if your organization is looking for a plateau in rising price tag demands from digital marketers or in the spike of demand on these individuals, think again.

How Does my Agency or Organization Acquire Top HubSpot Talent in this Competitive Market?

Your Recruiting Strategy Has to Change

Your team may be asking why your organization isn't attracting the top HubSpot or Digital Marketing talent, and the answer is quite simple. Inbound recruiting for top positions in such high demand will only yield candidates that are served your job posting and actively searching. To expand your candidate pool, you may need to consider short and longer-term outbound recruiting efforts to access passive candidates or near-exiting talent. In other words, roles with HubSpot expertise have a negative unemployment rate, which means you have to go find your candidates, they won't find you. Here are just a few ideas you can consider: 

  • Going where the HubSpot talent congregates will become increasingly more important. Consider joining a local HubSpot user group, attend INBOUND, HubSpot’s annual conference, or build a relationship with a higher education institution that teaches HubSpot in their curriculum if you have the time and resources to cultivate HubSpot talent
  • Invest in LinkedIn Recruiter license to level up your search for passive candidates
  • Consider hiring a specialty recruiting firm to place top talent in our marketing organization
  • Expand your outbound search country-wide to help obtain niche talent as the demand for remote opportunities is going nowhere

Did you know HubSearch can serve as a true partner to help you take on your outbound recruiting efforts? Save time, let us handle all the logistics, and rest assured you're getting only the best candidates!

Find Your Next HubSpot Rockstar

You Must Competitively Compensate to Win the War on HubSpot Talent

Finding talent is one thing, but you are most likely dealing with passive candidates or those capitalizing (as they deserve) on the current climate so for all intents and purposes... don’t cheap out. 

The always expanding automation and efficiencies that skilled HubSpot talent can bring to the table help pay for itself. Experienced marketers, in the expanded HubSpot Hubs, are now bridging fragmented marketing, sales, finance, operations, and customer service efforts together within one ecosystem. Expansion of the Hubs’ capabilities and integrations within the HubSpot suite of solutions married with Growth Marketing and Revenue Operations advancements has kept these CRM and CMS masterminds busy while making their organizations an exponential return on investment. So if you recognize this movement, and pay up, this could be your team and your results!

After all, if you've invested in an expensive and powerful comprehensive tech stack, why would you not invest in the brains that can tie it all together? Beyond the rising tides of companies seeking marketing automation gurus, you’re also battling with the Great Resignation, my friends, so expect to adjust compensation bands, and pay up for commensurate experience. Glassdoor is reporting that positions such as Marketing Technologists and Digital Marketing Specialists are averaging base salaries anywhere from $66k to $86k across the U.S., and as tenure and skills elevate, we’re absolutely seeing six digits offered for these and like-minded positions

If you’re looking for other creative ways to stand out in order to get your dream candidate(s), we’re also outlined some clever ways we see our clients upping their game:

  • Don’t interview like it’s a one-way street. Top talent is shopping you. Allow your top candidates to interview you, and don’t shy away from discussing how the company will invest in their growth. Discuss dedicating a certain amount of business hours towards their professional development, discuss their career path during the interview process, discuss their goals, discuss their desire to create programs or drive business growth. Offer the autonomy they deserve to be part of the conversation during the process. 
  • Invest in your HubSpot talent’s growth immediately. No HubSpot guru got to where they are without being badge and certification obsessed in HubSpot Academy. Don’t be afraid to outline their professional development roadmap including the time investment, conferences, travel, and what other options they have to expand their specialization.
  • Shine-up your total compensation package. Ever have candidates tell you they don’t only care about the compensation, but remote opportunities, the culture and the benefits? They’re not kidding. Consider dusting off that basic total rewards package and reconcile it against some of the below ways you can work with your organization to beef up benefits:
    • Flexible or unlimited PTO is becoming a new(er) norm just like remote flexibility (we can’t state that enough)
    • Fur children are a way to many people’s hearts, so help them care for their fur family members, too. Pet insurance is an affordable way for your benefits to stand out, and showcase your company’s values. 
    • Offering pre-tax dependent care deductions is an incredible way to help your team members allocate for the rising costs of childcare, and helps protect their dollars ahead of the curve. 
    • Employer contributions for the full employee healthcare premiums is a common practice we see in order to help offset the absorbent cost of healthcare. If you and another company are offering comparable wages, this may be just the differentiator that helps you grab your guru! 
    • As you shift more to remote work, stipends for home-office set-ups and cell phones, internet, as well as at home ‘welcome’ swag packages are other thoughtful ways to really care for your team members’ needs so they have the tools, and the flair to do the job!
    • Consider partnering with a fun benefits company like Fringe to offer lifestyle benefits as part of your total rewards or peer-to-peer recognition program. Imagine being able to earn rewards for your peers or boss recognizing your performance that allows you to pay for your streaming services? Let’s just say we would not be mad about it ourselves! 

So the next time you’re scratching your head about the difficulty of finding and obtaining a HubSpot expert, remember they are nothing short of a rare breed, and will help to connect your engines, actualize your initiatives, integrate your systems, cultivate a culture of efficiency, and propel your sales pipeline, all while leveraging the power of automation HubSpot has to offer. So be sure to pay attention to their compensation, pun intended.

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